Fashion and Its Trends

10 October 2016

People wore garments in the past for they can maintain warm body temperature. But times have changed. If you’re not wearing something fashionable, you just not cool. Fashion is an arbitrary mistress to whom most women are slaves, but though her mandates are often unreasonable and not seldom absurd, she is followed willingly. Men’s attitude towards fashion is neither negative nor favorable. They pretend that they’re unable to detect distinctions between the latest model and hopelessly out-of-date garment.

Men like to wear smart clothes though they just don’t want to reveal it. Men’s fashions change slowly and, unlike women they are not crazy about ultra-fashionable brand-new clothes Beauty has always preoccupied women. “There has been the enormous change from girls being principally concerned with good works to now being concerned with good looks as a measure of their self-worth. ” says Joan Brumberg, co-creator of American fashion magazine. And it’s true, in most cases women care about their appearance, following the new trends in fashion.

The most persistent fashion-mongers try to be in very first rank of fashion, watch all luxurious fashion shows, imitate model’s style, they stand in queues to be first to embrace a brand-new blouse or something else. And majority of people run with a crowd and buy fashionable garment to keep up with the new trends of the season. But not all people behave themselves in such way. There are people who separate themselves from the fashion addicted ones. They are often dressed in dirty jeans and old boots, it’s their way of saying that they don’t care what most people think.

Fashion evolves through the years. I’m going to mention only the most representative fashion cultures, that marks a significant change in the world culture. The first group were Teddy Boys. The clothing that T-Boys wore was designed to shock their parents generation. It consists of an Edwardian style drape jacket with velvet collar, suede Gibson shoes with thick crepe soles, narrow drainpipe trousers, a smart shirt and a loud tie. In the mid-sixties appeared Mods. Riding a scooter is one of the important points that became part of their wardrobe as well.

Mod boys always have a neat, clean and simple style. They wearing make up and sometimes also handbags. They also wear a neat suit consisting of: a straight jacket and pants and pointed shoes. Rockers are associated with a specific music genre and clothing style. The rocker fashion was born out of necessity and practicality. They wore Levi’s jeans or leather pants and motorcycle boots to ride powerful motorbikes. The 60s were times of revolution. The hippie clothes, psychedelic colors and groovy elements are most distinguishes features of that times.

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