Fashion what is it

6 June 2016

I think we all can agree that clothing is an essential part of our lives Right? Fashion plays a very important part of your life.

Fashion what is it Essay Example

Fashion is not just for the rich and the famous! fashion can describe a person in many ways. your gender, your religion and culture you are from It allows other to judge you based on your ,mood, colors you wear, what you eat ,what you drive, what your occupation is and fashion looks at where you live. as a result your social circle is Judge by the aquatints around you

” fashion in todays world is for acceptance”!

fashion allows a person or business to express a point of view. Today we are judge by colors that we wear the brand of your ward drobe.

fashion acceptance is not just in the! In america it in most countries and culture here in america the women and men are able to wear what pleases them for other people link in India women can not expose their legs or arms men don’t wear shorts because its disrespect.

after researching fashion i have grown understand how fashion is referenced in our lives. I personally think that fashion is all around us our moods can change do to color, weather, someone else opinion, men and women struggle for fashion acceptance in many ways,And above all fashion describes you and your style for the world to understand who what where and why about you.

We should do our best to realize that fashion has been judged for many centuries and we as a whole still look to be acceptance from the company we keep. fashion on the other hand reflects a since of balance an belonging in ones life. No mater where you live fashion controls your thoughts about yourself.

in closing what is fashion? YOU research is from the following

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