Fast Food

This will be a detailed paper on why you should not eat fast food. I will be using the three classic appeals; logos, pathos, and ethos to build a persuasive argument. Here in America fast food restaurants have become popular, and as a result health problems are increasing. While it may be easier and convenient to buy fast food, it is not always a great health choice while trying to keep a healthy diet. There has to be a mental decision on making better choices on the food we pick for ourselves and amily members.

Fast food is everywhere and with our busy lives we tend to lean towards a fast and convenient meal more so than a healthy homemade meal. It’s aggravating at times trying to provide for ourselves and others and with that, some parents cannot handle their kids constant asking for McDonalds. McDonalds are one of the top fast food chains in the world, but that is not necessarily a good thing. Here are a few reasons why we should research what and where we eat before ordering from the dollar menu. On the nydailynews. com website it list a lawsuit on McDonalds grilled chicken andwich for containing PhlP a cancer causing chemical.

Recently McDonalds was accused of having pink go for their products and also used different types of meat while also using a cleaning product to clean their food. We should learn not to put our faith in big businesses because at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Obesity is caused by unhealthy eating; fast food is one of the main causes of obesity in Mississippi. People lifestyles play an important role, because a worker at Nissan doesn’t get the opportunity all the time to prepare a healthy meal in their hirty minute break.

Three burgers are equal to a full watermelon being eaten, each burger being around 400 calories each. Fast food meals aren’t packed with easy burning calories so as time passes and an individual eats unhealthy fat gets stored. Obesity is big because from it come: high blood pressure, loss of stamina, diabetes, and heart attacks to name a few diseases. (www. cdc. gov) Shows that more than one third of U. S adults are overweight, and in 2008 147 billion dollars where used in treating health related issues. We need to start making better choices about the food we eat.

By choosing healthier, fresh foods people can avoid the unhealthy fast food. You can have a bigger variety of fruit and vegetables rather than buying a meal from a fast food restaurant. A fourteen year old burger was found at a McDonalds by a Utah man. It was preserved by accident. Fat food restaurants have been using preservatives to keep their foods from rotting. With that being said I encourage you not to make fast food an everyday habit because that can lead to you getting diabetes, ulcers, or even cancer. Learn how to regulate the things you eat.

In conclusion, people know that fast food is fattening and unhealthy they are still going to consume it. Some people still will not have time to cook a good healthy meal atter a long day ot work or school. Instead they will still stop and waste their money at McDonalds or any other fast food establishment and get a greasy fast food meal. People will still get diabetes, ulcers, or cancer from eating these meals. Adults and children will still suffer from obesity because they would rather pay for a convenient meal than a healthier alternative. Be different, say no to the fast food.

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