Fast Food Essay

Why People Eat Fast Food Many people in United States eat fast food daily. Is not a mistery that processed food is bad for health, but, if everyone knows that why is fast food so popular? In the textbook “Fast Food Nation” written by Eric Schlosser he shows that franchising is a good kind of business for the companies, they make money only because of their name. The fast food market is growing in United Staes year by year, and people do not realize that they are giving money to lose health. Today, places like Del Taco, Carls Jr. nd Jack-In-The-Box are opening franchises every month and, as a matter of fact, they are making tons of money by doing that. Everytime and everywhere there is people hungry who do not care about their health. There are many reasons why people should stop eating junk food, but they keep eating because of avaliability, lack of time, taste and sometimes price. Almost every city in United States has a fast food place opened nowadays. The bad food is always avaliable and it is hard to not eat because those places sell really tasty food. Another fact that makes people eat in fast food places everyday is lack of time.

Many people have to work full time, and when they get home they still have to deal with kids, wife or husband, work issues or they just do not have energy to cook and clean the dishes. Fast food turns the best option since they only have to eat. First of all, United States became a place that has fast food restaurants in every corner. An example of this is our college area. Getting out of RCC, if you turn right in Magnolia Avenue there is a Carls jr. If you decide have to go left, around two miles away there is another Carls Jr. But this time in the company of Little Ceasers and Subway.

On 14th street, parallel from RCC, there is a Jack-In-The-Box and Del Taco. So, when people are hungry they will for sure see those restaurants and sometimes it is hard not to eat since their food is really tasty. In the Livestrong website, the author Martin Green states “Fast food outlets are everywhere in America. There are now more than 85,000 of them. In 1970, Americans spent $6 billion on fast food. By 2000, this had shot up to $110 billion. The New York Times says junk food is as American as apple pie. ” The fast food market expanded due to business reasons and today is really famous because of the advertisement.

Nowadays is impossible to watch a tv show without see any fast food advertisement. Second, lack of time makes people eat fast food. Most of americans work full time and the work they have to do not stop when they get home. Our English 1A professor, James Dail, used himself as an example. In class he described one day that he arrived home tonight and still had to grade our essays and do a bunch of things. The best option for him and most americans is to eat in a fast food restaurant, by doing this they will be saving time to cook and wash the dishes. Also, eat in fast food restaurants at lunch is almost a tradition for workers.

Most of them have only 40 minutes to have lunch. So, the only option is to order something fast to eat. “The “I’m too busy to cook” line was more popular among people with college degrees than people with less education. ” (Hitti 1) Which means that people who has a career and a job are more likely to eat fast food. Third, who does not enjoy a hamburguer? Who does not want to pay only five bucks for a large and delicious pizza? To go to a restaurant with friends to talk and enjoy the moment became a cultural thing in United States. Always when I go to fast food restaurants I see groups of friends eating together and laughing.

I do it at least once in a week. People seem happy in those places. To go eat with friends already became “a thing to do” in America. Another point that makes people addicted to those places is the taste of the food. Ok, they are not healthy. On the other hand they are really tasty. The desire to eat tasty food is a human nature and nobody can stay away from this. Even the most worried about health person eat sometimes or already ate in fast food restaurants. The fast food market will always be good, since they sell tasty food. “There is no doubt that fast food has been a part of our lives.

As for me, even though i know it’s not good to us, I also like it especially McDonald’s… I think it’s delicious… what I can do now is just to control myself. ” (Anne 1) It is hard not to agree with Tina Anne, the author of “Why is the Fast Food so Popular? ” Even though fast food is bad for health, people will eat. I consider myself as a person with healthy habits. I play tennis, workout and try to eat healthy food. But sometimes is just impossible not to eat a hamburguer or a pizza. Also, junk food is cheap. As an example of this, Del Taco sells tacos for less than one dollar on tuesdays and thursdays.

To sum up, to eat fast food is definitely not a healthy habit. The reasons why their market still growing are avaliability, time to eat, taste and price. As the days are passing people is spending more money in fast food because more and more they will see franchises opened in every corner, selling tasty food. To open a fast food franchise is almost always a good way to invest money. The reason why almost all restaurants are sussessful is because food is something that everyone needs all the time, and most americans do not care about their health. So, they eat in the most convenient place. So, what’s the point of all of this. The point is that convenience is often the driving factor for people when they make spending choices. They will spend more money and sacrifice other factors such as healthiness in order to maximize convenience. ” Claims Trent, the author of “Fast Food, Convenience and Money”. By eating in those restaurants people will have more free time, sometimes spend less money and will never have to learn how to cook or wash the dishes. Unfortunately, a lot of people today think like this in United States. Which is a very bad way to think. Works cited: Schlosser, Eric.

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