Fast Food Who’s to Blame

11 November 2016

Not all the blame is on the children, Schools, fast food governments also need to take that same initiative. Parents have a lot of influence on their children from the day that the child is born. Children learn how to talk from their parents, how to respect their elders. These are all important morals that all kids have to learn from their parents. Something that parents forget or maybe don’t mind to teach their children is eating healthy and exercising habits. There are many steps to take in showing a child of what is healthy and what is unhealthy.

A parent should make sure fruits and vegetables, are served during lunch and dinner. Parents should eliminate sodas from the house and all the junk food. Maybe in certain occasions, children should have a treat, maybe at a birthday party or something. From a young age, my parents taught me to have an apple with all of my 5 servings a day or some type of fruit or vegetable. All depending of what im eating. This lesson has influenced me even until today when my friends & I go out and eat a salad at lunch instead of pizza or chips.

I have also eliminated soda from all of my diet. Parents also need to show their children that exercising is not a bad thing. At a young age, parents need to show their children that there are other things to do, like playing basketball or playing at the park, rather than just watching TV. Parents could introduce their children to different sports until they find themselves a sport that he or she is interested in. My parents took me to play basketball one time at the park and i really enjoyed it a lot.

I figured myself this is what I want to play. I have been playing basketball all my life. For parents in my opinion, is not difficult to turn off the TV and send your children to play outside. Parents are not solely responsible for child obesity; schools, fast food companies and government also need to take action against child obesity. In my opinion, mostly everyone does not care about child obesity. The industries want their money and move on. They feel like they don’t take any part around the society.

Schools today do not give a wide selection of healthy food. Fast Food Company definitely need some blame to their self. With advertisement that appeals to children all over, like TVs and newspapers, no wonder America is getting fat. So don’t be surprised, of why obesity is such a big problem. Daniel Weintraub argues that parents are responsible for child obesity. I agree with Weintraub but schools & fast food companies also need to help in the fight against child obesity.

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