‘Fat Talk: What Girls and their Parents Say About Dieting’

4 April 2015
This paper is an analysis of Mimi Richter’s book ‘Fat Talk: What Girls and their Parents Say About Dieting.’

This paper discusses Mimi Richter’s book on teen dieting and how parents can cope with it. It details several extensive research interviews with a large group of girls over an extended period of time and looks at what teen girls and their parents had to say about the issues of body image and weight control. It discusses the whole female body weight issue in American culture from an anthropological point of view.
“In the book Fat Talk: What Girls and their Parents Say about Dieting, the author Mimi Richter looks at one aspect of teen culture “perceptions of body image” from an anthropologist’s standpoint. The author explains why she feels an examination of these issues from outside the medical community is important. She reports that she sees many articles in magazines, newspapers and other sources about eating disorders, but notes that only 1 – 3% of teens actually have some kind of eating disorder. She describes this kind of exaggeration a propensity to pathologize youth (p. 2). ”
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