Favorite Pet

3 March 2017

Humans have made pets of animals for thousands of years. From something as common as a cat to something as exotic as a lion, history has shown that humans have kept such animals as pets. However, there is one animal that stands out above the rest. Time after time, dogs have proven themselves to be loyal, protective and loving companions. This is why they make the best pet to adopt. The first reason why dogs make the best pets to adopt is because of their loyalty to their owner. They have been know to wait for years for their master to return. That kind of loyalty touches the heart deep down inside.

If only humans could be that loyal. Unless they have been severely mistreated, it is almost impossible to get a dog to turn against his master. Again, this elevates the dog above many humans. Wives have been know to turn against their husbands, husbands against their wives and children against their parents. Dogs are truly loyal creatures. The second reason why a dog is the best pet to adopt is because they are protective. There are many instances of dogs rushing to defend their owners against attackers. Sometimes they do this at the cost of their own lives.

Favorite Pet Essay Example

I wonder how many people would as willingly risk their life for another human being. Dogs are routinely used to protect property, being made to stay outside in all kinds of weather just to do that job. Even people who don’t like dogs very much will use them for this purpose. I think this is pretty awful. The final reason why a dog is the best pet to adopt is because dogs are loving companions. Dogs don’t have “dad” moods. You never have to worry when you come through the door at the end of a hard day if your dog is going to be happy to see you! Of course he is! Don’t you wish all people were like that?

Many books and articles have been written on how a dog’s love can restore a person’s health and bring back their will to live. In my life, there have been many times when the comfort of my dogs love meant very much to me. Dogs seem to have a way of understanding you and somehow sharing your burdens and sorrows. They are equally adept at sharing your happiness and can make a good day even brighter. There are millions of dogs and cats that sit in shelters waiting for some person to come take them home every day of the week. Millions more are euthanized due to a lack of space or funding in the shelter each year.

While many people may feel that a pure-bred animal with papers is the only way to get a good dog or cat, this is completely untrue. There are millions of deserving animals that just want a home and family. While it may seem that there are disadvantages to adopting a pet from a shelter, the benefits far outweigh any negatives to adopting an animal. One of the biggest benefits of adopting a shelter animal is that the fee to adopt the pet is far less than anything a breeder or pet store will charge. Many shelters offer their pets for minimal fees in order to facilitate adoption.

In addition, the animals will generally come with a microchip already imbedded as well as have already been altered. These are two costs that you will not have to incur after taking your dog home. Pets from shelters also come with all of their shots and have been de-wormed, something that frequently can’t be said for pet shop animals. Another huge benefit of adopting a pet from a shelter is that mature animals are available. By adopting a mature pet, your family doesn’t have to go through extremely destructive phase of chewing or housebreaking, in many cases.

Another advantage is that the dog or cat is full grown. If your family with limited space available, it is a good idea to adopt a full-grown pet rather than a puppy because the dog won’t grow anymore. The dog or cat’s temperament is also already known at the time of adoption. This is very important, particularly for you because you will have your dog will be around your children a lot. Dogs have proven themselves time after time to be loyal, loving, and protective animals therefore making them the best pets to adopt and to have around your family. They will be loyal, loving, and protective even to your children.

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