Fear by Pauley Perrette

8 August 2019

The song Fear by Pauley Perette was first introduced to me when I started watching NCIS. I could not get it out of my head when I heard it in the background of a season 6 episode. For days, I was trying to figure out who sang it! I searched ‘NCIS songs season 6’ on Google, but I couldn’t find it. Eventually, I became desprate to find out what it was called and who it was by. I was so determined that I constantly watched marathons of NCIS whenever I could, hoping they would rerun the episode.
After weeks and weeks, USA Network finally ran the “Dear Abby” marathon. Since Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) was my favorite character, I was set on wathing it.
Eventually, after episode after episode, they ran the one I was waiting for. I stared at the television for an hour, then noticed something I lacked to see before. After every episode, if there was a song featured in it, they showed the title and artist.
I then realized that Fear was on the NCIS soundtrack, so I bought that. Now it is on my precious MP3.

Fear is really a song that lifts you off your feet. Whenever I hear it, weather on the radio or on my MP3, I just can’t resist the urge to shout the lyrics every day.

Fear by Pauley Perrette Essay Example

Speaking of lyrics, they are below if you are interested.

Are you scared of the dark
Are you afraid they’ll break your heart
Are you afraid you’ll lose yourself
Are you afraid of your own health

Are you scared to lose
Are you afraid to choose
Are you afraid you’ll win
Are you scared of your own sin

Are you scared to forgive
Are you afraid to live
Are you afraid to die
Do you think it’s all a lie


To live
When you think you’re dying
To laugh
When you feel like crying
To stand
When you think you’re gonna fall
It’s just fear after all
It’s only fear after all

Are you afraid you’ll be alone
Are you scared to pick up the phone
Are you scared of the past
Do you think that you might crash
Do you think you’re in too deep

Are you afraid to sleep
Are you scared there’s no stability
Are you afraid of your own fragility


To mend
When you’re think you’re breaking
To strength
When you know you’re shaking
To pray
When your back’s against the wall

It’s only fear after all

Are you scared of the end
Are you scared to begin
Are you scared of the start
Do you think they’ll break your heart
Do you think they’ll break your heart


It’s only fear
The only fear is fear itself
The only fear is fear itself
The only fear is fear itself
It’s only fear

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