Fear Factory – Digimortal

10 October 2019

“Digimortal” is the latest Fear Factory CD released last April,and it is a great record. It shows growing maturity in the band’s musicianship,as well as their approach. Although it is not my favorite CD by them, it still isawesome.

The album is a mix of their previous ones with some newtechniques. The guitar is more melodic, the drumming more technical, and the basscan actually be heard on this album more than on previous ones. The singing hasalso become more original, combining screams with higher-long noted singing.

Fear Factory – Digimortal Essay Example

One aspect of Fear Factory is that every one of their albums follows acertain Man vs. Machine idea. “Digimortal” goes beyond that; man andmachine become one, realizing they must work together to exist.

The CD haseleven awesome and heavy songs, including the ballad “Invisible Wounds”- a first for these boys. The album ends with the very melodic “NeverEnd.” The Digipack CD that I have has four bonus tracks, which are veryheavy tracks that reflect the earlier years of “Demanufacture” and”Obsolete.”

The opening track, “What Will Become,”starts out with a funny guitar sound and then blasts right into the main riff ofthe song, a heavy and catchy riff. “What Will Become” shows the band’snewer side of songwriting, which is shorter and more focused.

The CD alsofeatures B-Real from the rap/rock group Cypress Hill. He adds the guest vocals onthe very heavy and wry song, “Back the F*** Up.” The band also toucheson their industrial aspects with “Byte Block,” which incorporates a lotof samples and keyboards, more than ever, and a lot of starts andstops.

“Linchpin,” is a sing-along type song, yet very heavy atthe same time. It is melodic without losing the Fear Factory trademark sound.

When you put on a song by Fear Factory, you will always know that it is aFear Factory song. If you are into heavy metal, I recommend you buy”Digimortal” and the rest of Fear Factory’s CD’s. You will not bedisappointed.

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