Fearless by Taylor Swift

9 September 2019

4 time Grammy-award winning female artist Taylor Swift has made the biggest impact on the musical economy since her first self-titled album back in 2006.

Now, she has been out with her sophomore album,Fearless, since November 2008 and she is more successfull than ever before.

Taylor reaches out to an age group of 3-25 with her lovely lyrics and squeaky clean image. Her lyrics revolve around love and everything a teenager goes through in their life:Love, popularity, and pressure.

“When I’m faced with a tough choice, I think of that 6-year-old girl at every show and say ‘what would she choose'” Taylor says. Of course, Taylor is very thankful for all her glory. Heck, the girl’s a friggin thankyou machine.

10 years from now, Taylor Swift will still be releasing hits, making more music videos, and being that one picture on that little girl’s wall that she love the most!

Peace and Love,

Taylor Swift fan

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