9 September 2019

I could say that Taylor Swift was talented, but that would be an understatement. Taylor Swift is a genius. She’s a triple threat. Whether she’s singing, playing the guitar, or writing, or doing all of them at once, she’s astonishing. Her music takes you on a journey, from her front porch in the country, with the squeaky door, to riding shotgun next to an original Romeo in his old pick-up.

Her first CD came out when she was 16 and it became an instant hit. Her second CD, “Fearless”, which was released recently, is now flooding through the headphones, speakers, and radios of millions.

With songs like “The Way I Loved You,” “Fifteen,” and “The Best Day,” relating to teen girls so perfectly, it’s no wonder why so many people feel like Taylor could be their best friend. These songs are about starting high school, finding out what’s truly important, and figuring out that it’s always your best bet to stay true to yourself.

Out of all of Taylor’s incredible songs, “Love Story,” has seemed to stick in our heads the most. Taylor got her inspiration to write this song from her love of fairytales. “White Horse,” also shows Taylor’s love for believing that every girl has her own prince charming, somewhere out there.

Girls everywhere can relate to “Hey Stephen,” and “You Belong With Me”. These both talk about a guy who’s clueless that the girl he’s been looking for, has been there the whole time. Typical, right?

I could go on and on, all day, raving about Taylor’s amazing talent. It’s incredible how many lives she has changed with all of the positive messages that her music sends. Just take a look at songs like, “Breathe,” and “Change”. Each of these songs expresses Taylor’s message that a guy doesn’t define who you are. Taylor teaches girls to be strong and have faith in themselves.

Taylor is truly a beautiful girl, inside and out. She is outstanding. She is my role model. Her music will continue to speak to and change the world forever, and she knows it. Taylor Swift is, in her own definition of the word, “Fearless”.

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