Feasibility Cafe Restaurant

1 January 2017

Restaurant means a business whose principal purpose is the sale of food or beverage served in paper, plastic or other disposable containers for immediate consumption inside, outside or away from the building, including businesses that provide delivery of food for immediate consumption. In the restaurants, products and suppliers are used on a “first-in, first-out” basis to ensure freshness. This chapter is more on the description of the project background and history of the proposed business. It identifies how the business begun from the tiny thoughts into a realistic one.

This chapter discusses the brief history of the project, the owners of the project or the project proponents, the proposed name and how the proponents came up with the name, form of the business ownership, and the proposed location. Brief History of the Project A restaurant is an establishment that serves prepared food and beverages to be consumed on the premises. The term covers a multiplicity of venues and a diversity of styles of cuisine.

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All restaurants provide warm and inviting environment and a variety of comfortable seating arrangements to accommodate anyone – from a single individual to a large group.

The reason of putting up a cafe restaurant is that it will satisfy the needs of the people around the proposed establishment and also the wants of the people around the business. Putting up a cafe restaurant also gives pleasure to the diners because it gives relaxation to every individual who dines at any restaurants. Project Proponent The cafe restaurant caters various pasta and coffee that are affordable. Cafe restaurant offers also pastries and cakes that will satisfy the customers. Starters, Beverages are also included in the menu lists. The nine cafe restaurant owners contributed 1,000,000. 00 php each as the otal capital of the proposed business. The owners are Mr. Mikhail Lyle Francisco, Mr. Josef Vender, Mr. Jovin Jamirez, Mr. Jamiro Panganiban, Mr. Jake, Miss. Lailanie Martin, Miss Charyl Escusa, Miss Jhoanna Orosco and Miss Mary Margareth Visda. Proposed Name of the Firm Nine people owned the Cafe restaurant. The business conceptualized as a coffee shop that offers different types and kinds of pasta dishes, the business also caters cakes and pastries and beverage. Before the researchers came up with the proposed name they listed the suggested names of the restaurant and included it in the questionnaire and had a survey.

The researchers came up with the name of () as the name of the proposed establishment. The proposed business’ tag line is “Dine like a Novel”. Forms of Business Ownership The owners of the proposed business decided to have a partnership as form of the business. A partnership consists of two or more persons who bind themselves to contribute money or industry to a common fund, with the intention of dividing the profits among themselves. The advantages of the partnership on the business are the following: • Partnerships are relatively easy to establish. With more than one owner, the ability to raise funds may be increased, both because two or more partners may be able to contribute more funds and because their borrowing capacity may be greater. • Prospective employees may be attracted to the business if given the incentive to become a partner. • A partnership may benefit from the combination of complimentary skills of two or more people. There is a wider pool of knowledge, skills and contacts. • Partnerships can be cost-effective as each partner specializes in certain aspects of their business. • Partnerships provide moral support and will allow for more creative brainstorming.

This chapter visualizes the entire concept of the management functions of the proposed business. The functions include the planning, organizing, directing and controlling. The management of the proposed business includes the job description, proposed organizational structure, hiring procedures and the operating policies, the type of the business organization, which the researchers would undertake, and the rules and regulation together with sanctions.

This chapter will also discuss the mission and the vision of the proposed establishment including the goals of the business; it will also include the training and placement, salary administration, and the employee’s benefits of the proposed business. Personnel of the Establishment The researchers decided that the Coffee Boulevard would come up with () personnel that are very much trained as individuals for the function of the proposed business. The personnel of the business must also be competitive to stay long in the business. See table 1.

Proposed Distribution of Employees Table 1 Position | Number of Employee| Manager | 1| Food and Beverage Supervisor| 1| Cook| 8| Head chef| 1| Cashier | 3| Barista| 3| Waiter/Busboy/Janitor| 10| Steward| 2| Total| 29| Type of Business Organization Each business has a different setup and as it develops, a distinct personality and image will either make or break the company. The proposed business will adopt the line type of organization this type of organization facilitates the decision making due to the simplicity of its organizational structure.

It facilitates discipline and control of individuals and maintains the flexibility with the organization as a response to constantly changing conditions and demands to its environment on organizational structure. Proposed Organizational Chart The organizational structure of the business is based on the line type organization. The runs of the organizational chart show the straightforwardness status or leveling of the personnel in the proposed business. The whole organizational structure of the business firm is illustrated as revealed in Figure 1 on the next page. Food and Beverage Supervisor Steward Barista

Operating Manager Waiter/ Busboy/ Janitor Cook Head Chef Cashier Owners Organizational Chart of Coffee Boulevard Figure 1. The organizational chart of Coffee Boulevard shows the specific positions of each employee; who belongs to the top, middle and rank and file positions in the proposed business establishment. It includes the major functions and their corresponding relationship from top management to the bottom. It illustrates the channel of distribution or the protocol of the company. Each line of the chart expresses the channels of authority. Proposed organizational Chart Job Title.

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