Feasibility Study

1 January 2017

A chocolate cafe, an innovation of various products like chocolate truffles, Panini sandwiches, espresso concoctions and flavoured tea. The chocolate truffles are not the typical chocolate truffle, it is filled with various flavours and liquors to satisfy one’s craving. The Panini sandwiches are made out of tortilla bread instead of the usual baguette. And the espresso and the flavoured tea are freshly made and brewed.

Lance Walter Ibuna, Ranier Monsale, Matt Ezen Laurencio, Clark Aldous and Winston Potato are the proponents of the business. The organization will be general partnership; all of the proponents will give an equal share of the capital. All of the profit and loses will be equally distributed among the proponents. The business will be located at Petron Square Katipunan. Katipunan Avenue corner Mangyan Street, La Vista Subdivision, Barangay Pansol, Quezon City, because the target market of the business are the residents at the La Vista and the students from Ateneo de Manila, Miriam college, customers of Petron.

Feasibility Study Essay Example

In this feasibility study, the proponents discuss intensively about the management aspect, marketing aspect, and technical aspect, financial and socio-economic aspect of the Sweet Craft. The management aspect tells about the mission and vision, the organization chart, form of ownership and the policies of the company. The marketing aspect shows and interprets the results of the survey conducted, the demand supply analysis, the SWOT analysis and the projected sales of the organization.

The technical aspect shows the raw products needed, machineries and equipments, and finally the Sweet Craft’s operation schedule. The financial analysis gives the projection of the Return of Investment (ROI) of the business for five years. And the socio-economic aspect delves on what the business can offer positively to the government, community, students and the future researchers and the proponents themselves.

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