Feasibility Study of Buko Shake

9 September 2016

The Most Important Qualities of an Outstanding Teacher Courtney Williams The qualities of an outstanding teacher are manifold. However some of the most important qualities are passion, leadership, classroom management, and content knowledge. Teachers serve several roles and each requires certain qualities. Essentially teachers accommodate the academic, social, and emotional needs of their students. This requires the aforementioned qualities to be exhibited consistently. When novice teachers begin teaching they possess a passion for their work.

As time progresses that passion evolves into determination. The passion that an outstanding teacher has can reflect through their effectiveness. While in the classroom they have learned to adapt to various learning styles and classroom dynamics. Teaching is demanding in a variety of ways, which include time, effort, and commitment. A sense of selflessness also remains present, for these teachers overextend themselves in a productive manner to fulfill their objectives. In addition passionate teachers communicate with students and their parents, which creates a team effort to ensure progression.

Feasibility Study of Buko Shake Essay Example

An outstanding teacher should also be a leader and good listener. Students seek teachers for guidance, so it is imperative that teachers display their leadership skills, while encouraging students to work towards guiding each other. As a leader one must be a responsible individual with integrity: take into account the views and concerns of others, and serve as mediators. Every outstanding teacher utilizes superior classroom management techniques. A healthy classroom environment should be safe, resourceful, and productive.

By remaining organized with teaching aids and consistent with discipline measures, a system should be created in which students serve active roles in the classroom. These roles should include classroom assistants, and peer mediators. Furthermore outstanding teachers engage all students into each lesson, so they will feel they are part of a community. When this occurs students become more active in the learning process. The last most important quality that outstanding teachers possess is a concise understanding of the information being presented.

Every teacher must execute their lesson plans in a dynamic fashion to cater to students’ diverse learning styles. The ability to be effective is supported by the ability to dissect, infer, map, chart, sequence, and answer questions about the given subject matter. The information has to be synchronized so that it can be made relevant to students’ lives. Simple understanding of subject matter may allow some teachers to intrigue students momentarily, but an in depth understanding can assist with creativity, capturing attention, and invoking student participation.

Among the qualities that can be attributed to educators I strongly believe that passion, leadership, classroom management, and knowledge of content are conducive to becoming highly efficient and effective. When teachers are effective it enables students to reach their goals: as parents become involved teachers can help students realize their potential. Ultimately, effective teachers have the ability to influence students in schools and within communities; this is where leadership skills and determination manifest. |

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