Feature Article; Ambiiton in Macbeth

7 July 2016

Is ambition really all that great? Some ambitions lead to people completing their life’s dreams, others lead to easy employment and even to people achieving great things. But really; is it always this way? Can’t people have ambitions that are so large that they involve taking advantage of others and doing things most human minds would not once think of? Ambition itself provides the determination and motivation that is needed to achieve personal goals and can be a vital part of someone’s life.

Despite this, many people associate ambition with negative personality traits such as greed, power and intolerance. Ambition can be a really negative thing when there is too much of it. Many crimes are committed because criminals have an ambition to be wealthy; murders may also be committed because the criminal has an ambition to have power. A perfect example of a situation like this is shown throughout Shakespeare’s work, ‘Macbeth’. Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth, are the two main characters. They are both full of ambition and during the play they both plan for Macbeth to become king.

Feature Article; Ambiiton in Macbeth Essay Example

To follow through with that, they would have to kill the present king. The ambition of both of the characters overpowers any good in their hearts and leads to pure evil doings. “I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition. ” Says the lead actor, Macbeth; describing that he has no good reason to kill the king, apart from his large amount of ambition to be king himself. Macbeth has too much ambition and added with the extreme ambition of his wife, he is led to do cruel things in his own favour. Too much ambition is never good.

‘Ambition is like the sea wave, which the more you drink the more you thirst – drink too much, as men have done on rafts of wreck – it drives you mad. ’ Alfred Tennyson, a successful British poet shows through his poetry; that the more ambition you have, the worse the ambition gets. This suggests that a little ambition is alright, if not good and that it gets worse as you get more. Ambition can be both positive and negative. It can be really dangerous but without it we would get nowhere in life. Therefore, ambition is only good when it is at the perfect level. Is ambition really all that great?

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