Feed My Starving Children

1 January 2017

There are many organizations trying to help less fortunate people. One organization called Feed My Starving Children is dedicated to the children who are starving all over the world. Their mission is to try to eliminate starvation in children throughout the world by helping to install compassion in people to hear and respond to the cries of those in need.

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Feed My Starving Children was started by a Minnesota business man after he saw devastating hunger on a mission trip to Honduras. It was founded in 1987. The first shipment of food was made in 1991. Feed My Starving Children helps out children that are in need of food and nourishment all around the world. They wish to end world hunger. One can volunteer by donating money for the food that goes to the children. A single meal only costs 24 cents. Also, one can help package the meals that get shipped out to the different countries.

My personal interest in this organization is that I love children and I think that it is important to end world hunger. Feed My Starving Children is very inspiring to me, and I hope that I can contribute to helping this organization in the near future. Feed My Starving Children has produced over 124 million meals for the hungry. The meals are nutritional and made with rice, soy, vegetables, vegetarian based chicken flavoring, and a vitamin and mineral mix.

In 2010, Feed My Starving Children had over 515,000 volunteers that helped package the food. 93% of the total donations go directly toward the food. The other 7% goes to fundraising and administration. To conclude, Feed My Starving Children has helped make the world a greater place. The food has given the hungry strength and importance to the meaning of life. This organization has fed millions and saved tons of lives. Feed My Starving Children has a big impact on the world today!

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