"Feel" by Sleeping with Sirens

Sleeping with Sirens’ Feel album

The bad has 5 members;
Kellin Quinn- Lead vocalist
Jesse Lawson- rhythm guitarist and back up vocalist.
Jack Fowler- Programming, lead guitarist, and keyboardist.
Justin Hills- Bassist
Gabe Barham- Drummist1)
Also, other musicians were featured in this album;
1)Machine Gun Kelly- Helped with vocals on the song, “Alone.”2)
2)Shayley Bourget- Helped with vocals on, “I’ll Take You There.”
Chris Fronzak- Helped with vocals on “ The Best That Ever Was.”
Cameron Mizell- Contributed to vocals on, “Low.”
Matty Mullins- helped with vocals in the song, “ Congratulations”
Jai Agront- contributed to vocals on, “ Satellites.”Like most of the other Sleeping with Siren albums; it has a mixed upbeat – lower beat sounds.
All Of These musicians did a wonderful job on creating everything from inspirational lyrics to beautiful vocals and instrumentals. The overall greatness of this album weighs out its minor flaws.
Kellin Quinn, the lead vocalist, hits various pitches that most people would not be able to sound out. A lot of folks think that he is a female at first, due his vocals. I look at that as just ignorance; it’s nothing really against the people that thought that, but if you were to listen to his music closely, you would be able to distinguish the difference.
Although, their albums have a lot of similarities; there are quite a few changes as well. In the Feel album, there is less screaming, but in some of the songs faster vocals. I personally feel that they went a little more towards the Pop side, but you are still able to hear their alternative roots.
The album contains;
2)”Here we Go”
3)”Free Now”
5)”I’ll Take You There”

6) “The Best There Ever Was



9) “Deja vu”

10) “These Things I’ve Done.

11) “Sorry”

12) “Satellites”

Some songs are better than others, but the good definitely outweighs the bad. There a few songs on there that I question why he wrote them, but I’m sure like most artists there is a very good reason. I feel like I don’t understand some of the songs, but that is probably because I’m used to the songs being somewhat melancholy.

I give Sleeping with Siren’s props for being able to not to “Doom and gloom” there whole album out. They give a message of hope through most of their lyrics and pass it on to people in need of hope. In the song, “ I’m Free Now,” the lyrics explain that it is okay to be upset about what happened in your past, but you shouldn’t let it ruin your whole life, or the lives of the ones you love. I feel like that is the most inspirational song on their whole album.

I recommend this album to anyone who likes alternative rock. Anyone who has an unpleasant past and has lost hope, may be comforted by the lyrics in this album because they will be able to relate to it. This album is one of the most hopeful albums they have.
They may have been a little more sad and less hopefully in their prior albums. I don’t understand why people dislike it; We all grow up as humans and they should be able to change to accompany the way they feel better. Feeling is the one thing that keeps music alive, and I feel as if Sleeping with Sirens nailed it!

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