Feel The Heat

3 March 2019

It can reach over 1000 F; it varies in color from red, orange, and white. Some people use it to cook food, defend themselves, and keep their houses warm. Fire may be just a tool to some people, but for me it has changed my life. It didn’t keep my house warm; it engulfed and destroyed everything I had in life.

It was a stormy night that July evening, and my parents had left me with my grandma because of my fears of storms. As my parents drove off to Syracuse for the night, my brother Mark was left alone with the thought of peace and quiet. The flipping through the phonebook by my grandma woke me up out of a sound sleep, and soon my worst fears were realized. Just down the street my house was being burned to the ground. My brother gout out safely, but a couple of our household animals did not, unfortunately.

Feel The Heat Essay Example

The fire started in the basement, and ran right up through the walls o the second floor. The room right above the fire was indeed my bedroom. If storms had not have been such an issue for me, maybe it would have been me that didn’t make it out of the fire. Personally, I believe someone was watching me that night, and it was not my time to go. To this day, my goal is to live life to its fullest. Not a day goes by when I don’t; you never know when your time could be up. Before that fire I was a person who was always thinking about the consequences from having a little fun. After that fire, many people considered me a changed person.

All of my clothes besides the ones I had on my back were destroyed. At some points we literally had to wear the same clothes everyday. Eventually, we were generously donated money so we could shop at Wal-Mart for clothes. Even though this wasn’t the “cool” place to get clothes, I realized that his was all I could get and I faced that fact. Very quickly I was taught that you sometimes have to appreciate the things you have, and not worry about what other people may think. This is something that will stay with me forever.

The fire that night may have caused a ton of trauma to my family and me. Although, as a sit here I realize it has been five years and three months to the date. I have come along way since that day, and it has done so much for me in the long run.

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