Feelings of Home

1 January 2019

My fingers ache as they flick across the keyboard. Twinges of pain from the constant sharp and precise motions they have been making for the past two hours. My eyes feel watery and glassy, as I stare transfixed at the screen. I am almost done. Out of the corner of my eyes I see Ryan and Charles wearing bright purple and yellow afro wigs, dancing to what I assume to be some form of a pop song, by the motion of their swinging hips.

I keep trying my hardest not to let them distract me. I think to myself, “I have been working on this project for the last three months, I can’t slow down now, I have almost reached the blessed end, I must not get distracted!” Yet, as I repeat this mantra through my mind, I find myself getting more and more restless.

Feelings of Home Essay Example

I mutter to myself, “How long has it been since I have had a break?” I glanced at the time on the bottom right of the computer screen…too long. I slowly leaned back, stretching out my sore and achy limbs, spinning the chair around to fully take in what was going on.

A smile and surprised chuckle escaped me as I took in the controlled chaos that was swirling around me. Alex was sitting upside down on the couch.She and Daymien were playing an amusing game of throwing grapes in each others mouths to see who could get more in. Tony had joined Ryan and Charles in their crazy dances to what was without a doubt pop music.

I felt my resolve fully dissipate. I deserved a break! Everyone else seemed to be joining in on all of the festivities. I glanced to my left and saw Kerriann and Jessica doing the same, pausing what they were doing to join in on the fun. I made my way over to the couch and leaped over it, pushing Alex’s feet so that they were laying on top of mine.I snagged one of Damien’s incoming grapes right out of the air and laughed, the stress of all the deadlines leaving me completely as I easily joined in on the fun. I sat back, almost sinking, into the couch smiling so widely my cheeks began to ache.

This is what I love the most about my film school program. The small moments where I am able to forget about all of life’s worries and stresses, where I am able to just take the time to play and give in to my inner childlike joy. These little moments are what make RAW so special. It is not just a program designed to teach us about creating films, it is about giving us a home away from home, a place where we can all be ourselves and be completely at ease. It is the one place that I find true comfort in. These thoughts lull me into a state of peace as I spend the rest of the night surrounded by friends and laughter, not worrying about other more stressful topics. I am simply taking the time to enjoy these small moments of cheer and true friendship.

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