Felix Mendelssohn

9 September 2016

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy( aka Felix Mendelssohn) was born in Hamburg, Germany on February 3, 1809. He was born into a wealthy family. He had three siblings, but only one of them was almost as good as him, Fanny Mendelssohn his older sister by 4 years. They were both taught by many respected teachers in Germany, but Fanny seemed always be in Felix’s shadows. They were both phenomenal pianist and composers of the romantic era. After years of lessons Felix made his debut playing piano when he was only 9yrs old.

He created his first symphony. Once he was 16 he made his first orchestra symphony. Felix had a Jewish background, father wanted to separate from that background and wanted to seem more Germany so he gave his family the name” Bartholdy”. Felix was a very successful composer and almost every piece was adored. Felix has performed and conducted in many famous places and in front of many respected teachers.

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After years of performing, composing, and conducting he finally got married to a girl named Clara who was 16 of years (ew) and they had 5 children.

Felix Mendelssohn had many famous pieces like the well known Wedding March, and other pieces like Andante, and less famous pieces like The Sighing Wind. His sister Fanny had the strongest bond with Felix. She was his mentor, his friend, and his competition. She has helped and encouraged him to do what he has done and probably the reason why his as famous as he is. Felix had a sad tragic last six months of his life. After a few years of living in the fame his Fanny dies at the age 42. This brought great devastation to the family, but mostly to Felix because of the bond he had with her.

Nobody really knows how Felix died, but six months after Fanny’s death Felix passes away. Many people believe it was due to overwork and sadness for his loss. He lived until he was 38 and died in Leipzig, Germany on November 4, 1847. Felix Mendelssohn was fantastic pianist, composer, and conductor. He was one of the most famous people during the romantic era. He has made many fantastic pieces, played before many kings and queens. He lived from February 3, 1809 – November 4, 1809 and I still known throughout the world for his music. As with most composers, Felix’s music was much more appreciated many years after his death.

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