Female Foeticide

9 September 2016

India has a big social problem Indians believe if a girl will be born into a family it will be a sin so they kill the female while it is still a fetus. Indian societies have a misconception about female fetuses. Indians think a girl will bring in a burden. Some Indians still believe in older customs like dowry so that is one reason families don’t want a girl. If people follow the Transcendentalism belief of nonconformity then female foeticide won’t be a problem anymore. If people abandon society and have beliefs against society, india could be a much healthier living environment.

People have a lot of respect for the society, The ratio of male to female in India is 1000:940. The female population is dropping every year. In the 1. 2 billion people in India, only 940,000 are female which means the male population is almost as twice as much as the females. Science shows that every child in the mother starts out as a female, which means that females are more common to be born than males. Every second 3 children are being born, 1 female and two male.

Female Foeticide Essay Example

If you look at it this way 6 children are supposed to be born every second, but 3 of them don’t make it, 1 of natural causes and 2 of female foeticide. People don’t think about the sex giving birth. The female is the one giving birth, if a male is born, there has to be another female willing to mate. In there are no females left, what will they do. Technology has played a heavy part in the action of female foeticide. Before 1990 where the ultrasound was announced, families would keep having children until a male is born. Some families let the girl live, but most killed or forcefully orphaned the baby.

Some places in India women are greatly discriminated. If the woman bearing the child doesn’t produce a male after a while she is either killed or divorced, then the man will find a new woman to provide the heir of the family. Female foeticide has led to many social problems like sexism and sex-selective abortion. These actions have eliminated countless number of lives. The biggest social problem effect is human trafficking. The extinction of women through female foeticide has led to the buying and selling of females as brides or prostitutes.

In 2011 over 15000 women were being sold as slaves and brides. Female foeticide, not only being a cause, is also an effect of another problem in India. The Dowry system is a minor cause of female foeticide. In India dowry is what the bride gives to males family. This is one reason people fear of having a girl, because she will have to pay to get married. The Dowry Prohibition Act is in play, but is not being enforced. Acts against female foeticide are also active, but are being taken lightly.

How does thinking like a Thinking in the mind of a Transcendentalist, if people followed nonconformity, societies would be a problem of the past. In the past people feared of what society would think of their status. Status would be eliminated, and everyone would be equal. Male and Female would be treated equally. Be a nonconformist, forget about society and do what you want, not what society has upholded and lied about. If India adopts more nonconformist, countries everywhere, with female foeticide being practiced, will have a example to look up to.

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