Female Images in Taoism

This is a paper that looks at the many different female images in Taoism. It looks at what they are and the importance they have to the religion as a whole.

This paper discusses the religion Taoism, and the connection females have to the religion. Taoism is not necessarily a feminine religion, but females feel a close connection to the religion due to its female imagery, females goddesses and methods of enlightenment for females.
“The presence of feminine elements in Taoism is sweeping, and these elements have influenced the participation of women in this particular religious movement. The use of this female imagery gives women, and the qualities associated with them, a favored status in this religion. However, just because Taoism does value such qualities as softness and fluidity, usually associated with the feminine, does not mean that it favors a feminine model or can be seen a stronghold of feminism.

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Female Images in Taoism
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Rather, it allows for a greater acceptance of women into the religion, and an easier relation between the woman and her religion.”

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