Festival Hue Brochure

9 September 2016

Are you interested in Unique, Exotic, and Charming culture? • Are you ready to discover The World’s Heritage? • Would you like to be part of an international festival with the participation of over 30 countries? [pic] Hue, one of the five world heritages of Vietnam, is home of hundreds royal architectures, stunning landscapes, and charming culture. First launched in 2000, Festival Hue is the largest festival of Vietnam that has successfully presented Vietnamese culture in general and Hue in particular to the world.

This year, the Festival is going on for nine days from 04-07-12 to 04-15-12 with a diverse program of theatre, music, dance, circus art and puppetry. In addition to Vietnamese art and musical performances, and Hue’s royal art shows, Festival Hue 2012 welcomes more than 30 selective art troupes from over the world. [pic] [pic] Festival Hue 2010 welcomed more than 3 million people all of its activities, and more than 130000 tourists attended, of which 30000 are foreign visitors. “This is really my best trip ever! I absolutely will come back soon! – Richard, England “Everything is amazing! Cultural activities, food, and friendly people make it is hard to say goodbye. ” – Elizabeth, Holland “I’m so proud of my home city since the festival is being international. I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful festival and see all of them in the next 2 years! ” – Thao Doan, Hue citizen. For more information, please contact: Hue Festival Center Add: 15 Le Loi Street, Hue City, Vietnam Tell: 011 84 54 82 30 50 Email: [email protected] com Or visit our website at: http://www. huefestival. com/index. php

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