Festival in Malaysia

11 November 2016

The floral displays by local and international designers and landscape architects are truly awesome. The theme of the show this year is “Rainbow Serenade” and splashes of colours can be seen in every exhibit. Above & Left: The event’s banners, note the Hibiscus flower – Malaysia’s national flower! www. greenculturesg. com 1 The Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival has both indoor and outdoor exhibits. The Floria Showcase Garden, Orchid Precinct and Garden Square and Bazaar are located outdoors. The various landscape displays in these areas consist of flowering plants in full bloom that came in a palatte of brilliant colours.

These displays provide a big visual impact on the visitors. Above: Some of the colourful outdoor displays at the Show. www. greenculturesg. com 2 The indoor section of the Show include the Flower Pavillion; Special Gardens that consist of the Merdeka Entrance Garden, Floral Carpet Garden, International Garden, Indoor Themed Garden, Home Sweet Home, Scented Garden and Education Zone and showcases of flower arrangements in the Floral Window, Floral Art, Flower Power and Creative Flower Arrangement sections. Above: Some of the innovative indoor displays at the Show. ww. greenculturesg. com 3 Of all the sections, the Garden Square and Bazaar is what most gardeners and plant enthusiasts from Green Culture Singapore who visit the Show would look forward to. There is something for everyone, from plants like aroids, orchids, succulents, carnivorous plants, herbs, gardening Tools. There are even batik and clothings on sale too! Above: Some of things sold at the Garden Square and Bazaar section. www. greenculturesg. com 4 Above: The Garden Square and Bazaar section at the Show.

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