Fetal Pig Dissection

4 April 2015
This essay takes the reader step by strep through the dissection of a fetal pig, outlining the organs and body systems they belong to, as well as giving a visual perspective on each organ.

This paper examines the anatomy of a fetal pig, and indicates how to gain dexterity with the instruments used in the dissection procedure. The author compares the anatomy of the fetal pig with that of the human body.
“The first step was to obtain the Fetal Pig and to tie it in the supine position, anterior surface facing up in side the dissection pan. To tie the animal, we used butcher’s twine and secured the front and hinds legs using a lasso technique. To make the first incision I had to locate the Xifoid Process of the Fetal Pig, distal aspect of the sternum.”

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