Fever by Bullet for my Valentine

12 December 2019

With the release of their new album, “Fever”, Bullet for my Valentine has been rising to the top. They have always been known to be crowd pleasers and this time is no exception. They have had many changes with this new release. They’ve changed the band, sound, and songs.

The band itself doesn’t have any changes to the members but, lead vocals ,Matt Tuck, doesn’t scream as much because of his throat infection. He has made up for this with his singing. With the more singing and less screaming, some might think that this album won’t be as rough as the previous ones. The band makes up for the change of Matt with the change of sound.

Fever by Bullet for my Valentine Essay Example

The band’s sound has had many changes to itself. The hardcore double bass drums are the same but, the bass has gotten louder making it sound more completed. The vocals perfectly compliment the guitar track and the bass completely compliments the drums. The sound can mostly be seen in the songs.

“Fever” released with three tracks as its big seller. They were, “Your Betrayal”, “The Last Fight” and “Begging for Mercy”. All of these songs pretty much sum up the entire album. In these songs we can hear a more intense drum line, louder bass line, and more complimentary rhythmic guitar. Even with his throat infection he manages to play the majority of “Begging for Mercy” screaming with his high vocals in the mix.

The band has had many changes to itself, the sound and the songs. Some people might say for the worse. This band has always been crowd pleasers and remember this album is definitely no exception.

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