Fiberglass Insulation

4 April 2015
Looking at the health dangers versus the advantages of fiberglass insulations. Discusses the issue of animal testing, types and safer alternatives.

Fiberglass insulation, installed in blanket form or blown in, when other options are unavailable, is one of the most common forms of thermal insulation used in buildings today. The debate over the safety of fiberglass insulation centers around its potentially hazardous effect on human respiratory systems. Fiberglass is suspected of being a carcinogen, and an irritant capable of causing impairment of respiratory system defenses. Thus far, substantial fiberglass hazards have been positively identified only for those involved in the manufacture, industrial use, or installation of the material. Nonetheless, since danger to the inhabitants of a house with fiberglass installation has not been ruled out, many clients may prefer to avoid the material. In addition, designers may prefer to avoid the material as a matter of policy. Yet, the choice of using or not..

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