Fiction and Demon Lover

1 January 2018

At the end of “Arab” the narrator sees himself as “driven and derided by vanity. ” One meaning of “vanity’ Is that state of being empty, Idle, valueless. ” Another meaning Is “exaggerated self-love. ” Still another Is “hunger for praise or admiration.

” Each of these definitions of vanity could apply to the narrator. The definition of vanity meaning “exaggerated self-love relates to the narrator because at a point In the text, the boy realizes that his romantic feelings for Mange’s sister are a delusion.The definition of vanity meaning “a state of being empty, idle, valueless” relates to the narrator as well because at the beginning of the poem, the boy’s house has the sense of a dead present and a lost past. He lives on a street that is blind, cold, and silent. 2. In the lover’s last meeting in “The Demon Lover”, there is a foreshadowing a sinister or threatening reunion.

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The flashback in this sinister short story provides several details that should cause the reader to predict a terrifying ending for Mrs.

.Drover. We learn several details about Mrs.. Dove’s fiance that explain why she is terrified of him such as the fact that Mrs.. Dover promised her fiance that they would get married when he got back from the war.

Twenty-five years later, her fiance plants to extract his revenge on her for breaking their promise to get married. This information Is found In the letter which showed some hostility as well as the fright Mrs.. Dover showed when she entered the the taxi cab at the end of the story.

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