Fiction and the World’s Judgements

4 April 2015
This 20-page paper takes the reader on an extensive exploratory journey through the theory of the novel. The reader is shown the difference between the schools of thought regarding romances vs novels.

This paper shows the reader the difference between the schools of thought regarding romances versus novels. The author explains the foundation for those with proletarian beliefs who disdain certain texts as romance while embracing others as novels. The writer uses several novels as examples to illustrate the various points and critically analyzes the schools of thought, the novels themselves and the political involvement that decides where the text fits in.
From the paper:

Since the beginning of time we have had storytellers in our midst. Many years ago the storytellers produced the stories by inventing them in their minds and performing them for an audience. The only way a story was passed around is when someone in the audience devoted the time to memorize the story and then perform it in other places. This caused many stories to be changed as each person added or forgot parts, as they believed it to be. Naturally because the stories were being memorized and carried to other locations they were short in length.

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