Fiction vs. Non-fiction

4 April 2015
A discussion of reading comprehension and the differences in comprehension of fiction versus non-fiction reading.

The paper starts with a general discussion of reading comprehension and its importance for academic success. Factors involved in reading comprehension, such as phonological memory and word recognition, are examined, as well as other influential forces, such as time limitation and silent reading are outlined. Then the topic of comprehension of fiction versus non-fiction material is explored through a review of the relevant literature.
“Literacy and reading comprehension are subjects that have been explored for decades. Through these explorations we have discovered that comprehension is an essential component in the ability of a person to succeed in academia and in life. Comprehension is defined as “the act or action of grasping with the intellect the capacity for understanding fully.”(The Dictionary) Comprehension is important because it allows us to gain knowledge of new concepts; without comprehension it would be impossible to learn anything.

Fiction vs. Non-fiction Essay Example

“This discourse will present a literary review of the aforementioned topic so that we can understand comprehension and the effect of comprehension on academic success. The literature presented will seek to display this information in a manner that will inform and enlighten.
Reading comprehension covers a broad range of topics. For the purposes of this literary review we will seek to explain what comprehension is and the effect that fiction and nonfiction works have on comprehension. This review will use a wide range of sources including journals, digests and academic studies.”

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