Fidel Castro

4 April 2015
An analysis of the life and contributions of the Cuban politician and leader Fidel Castro.

This is a descriptive paper on the life of Fidel Castro up until he came into power in Cuba. The author examines the way that Fidel Castro came into power, the changes that he made once in power and his stance today. The author argues that Fidel Castro originally gave hope and promise to his nation, yet today he stands for oppression.
“Castro took Cuba on January 1st 1959 and is currently holding it. He is one of the few leaders whose country is still communist. Castro has put the country through some difficult times such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Castro was an idealist who believed that the way things were need to be changed but he ended up leaving things the same as they were if not making them worse. He started off wanting to help the people, but now he’s oppressing his people.

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