Field Study 1

2 February 2017

I will gain competence in determining, understanding, accepting diverse 5 aspects of personality. Specific Task: 1.

Visit a school and observe a class. 2. Observe the interaction that arise inside and outside the classroom. 3. Describe the characteristics of the learners in terms of age, gender, social and cultural diversity. 4. Interview your learners by means of giving questionnares.

Field Study 1 Essay Example

(Questions related to the 5 aspects of personality). 5.Interview the teacher who are those students that are participative in the class discussion and very interactive with other persons. Introduction Interaction is a kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another. One of the most common interaction is the social interaction or sometimes called social relation. Social interaction describes the relationship of two or more individual. Social interactions refer to particular forms of externalities, in which the actions of a reference group affect an individual’s preferences.

The reference group depends on the context and is typically an individual’s family, neighbors, friends or peers. Everyday we see the interaction of the people, no matter where they are places like in the house, public vehicles, church, and specially in school. The ability to interact of each individual may vary depending where they are. Social interaction in school specially inside the classroom encompasses all types of interaction. Student-Teacher Interaction, Student-Student interaction, small group interaction, and the entire classroom interaction.There are several different ways to categorize classroom interaction, but all of the types of interaction are important to engage learning and to create well rounded young people inside and outside the classroom. The five aspects of personality which are the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spriritual aspect can affect of how student mingle or interact with others.

Social interaction is not defined by type of physical relation or behavior, or by physical distance. It is a matter of a mutual subjective orientation towards each other. Moreover, social interaction requires a mutual orientation.

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