Field Study Episode

2 February 2017

The school campus is clean and is painted with nice colors. The buildings are also well designed. It is also landscaped which adds the attractiveness of the school. There is no office in the school. The surroundings are clean and green where you can breathe in fresh air.  An Observation Guide to the Be guided by these tasks as you do your observation. Then accomplish the matrix to record your data. 1. Look at the walls of the classroom. What are posted on the walls? What heroes, religious figures, visual aids, announcements, do you see posted? 2. Examine how the furniture is arranged.

Where is the teacher’s table located? How are the tables and chairs/desks arranged? 3. What learning materials/equipments are present? 4. Observe the students. How many are occupying one room? 5. Is the room well-lighted and well-ventilated?  Classroom Facilities| Description(location, number, arrangement, condition)| 1. Walls| There are rooms which lacks picture displayed on the wall. But some rooms have many pictures posted on the wall. | 2. Teacher’s Table| The teacher’s table is located at the back portion of the room beside the door.

Field Study Episode Essay Example

The teacher’s table is located at the back portion of the room beside the door of the classroom. The furniture are in their proper arrangement as well as the chairs/desks of the pupils. There are various materials being posted in their classroom that depends on the subject matter or relevant lessons of the students. The number of students that occupies each classroom is as follows: * Grade I-30 students * Grade II-35 students * Grade III-30 students * Grade IV-28 students * Grade V-26 students * Grade VI-15 students The rooms are not very well lighted but it is well-ventilated.

Other rooms are still unfinished and can be presumed as a dual-purposed room. My Analysis How do the school campus and the classroom in particular impact on the learning of the students going to school? What are your conclusions? I conclude that the school has a great impact of learning in since it is a great place where students can enjoy themselves and at the same time learn from the teachers who give them proper education. How does this relate your knowledge of child and adolescent development? How does this relate to your knowledge of facilitating learning? * Child and adolescent development differ greatly from each other.

There is a level of maturity in behavior being formed in school as well as in understanding the lessons given by the teacher. Thus, the school has a great responsibility that contributes to the learning and development in a child and adolescent. * According to my observations, students vary from one another in terms of attitudes or behavior. This factor should be considered in facilitating the learning of the students so that despite their differences, it will not hamper their learning in school. My Reflections 1. Would you like to teach in the school environment you just observed?

Why? Why not? Based on the school I have just observed, I would say no, because the school is very far and I have things to consider. But if there is nothing else, I will teach in there, having my commitment of teaching as my motivating factor. 2. What kind of school campus is conducive to learning? A clean and green, well-organized and free from pollution school campus is conducive to learning. Complete facilities to offices, laboratories and every classroom can be also considered helpful in the learning of the students. 3. What kind of classroom is conducive to learning?

A classroom is considered to be conducive to learning if it is clean, properly lighted and well ventilated. Also, completeness and proper organization of necessary facilities and equipments is helpful in maximizing the learning process of the students. It should not be too crowded that might affect the learning of every student. 4. In the future, how can you accomplish your answer in number 3? If by God’s grace, my aspiration in becoming a teacher will be granted, I will do the same with all my efforts. I will make sure that my classroom is clean, properly lighted and well ventilated.

I will also see to it that the furniture in my classroom is properly arranged so that students will be comfortable in moving around the room. 5. Write your additional learnings and insights here. This field of study is very important, for students like us, as future educators. It helped me open my mind in considering the environment such as the school campus, as a factor that would be very important in the learning of the students. I also learned that every classroom should be conducive for learning so that students will be encouraged to learn and feel comfortable in going to school.

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