Fight Club: Imagery and Characters

4 April 2015
A review of the use of symbolism and imagery in the film “Fight Club”, an analysis of style and technique.

A detailed look into the the use of imagery and symbolism in the film Fight Club. This paper analyzes the depiction of the characters in the film through the use of color schemes and images as well as the different techniques used such as Subliminal messaging, a process by which visual or auditory influences are hidden amongst other images or sounds, such that the conscious mind and self are totally unaware of the information, which it has just absorbed.
“In the film Fight Club there are two main characters played by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Norton’s character is a stressed out insomniac. To deal with this stress, his character tries attending support groups, and getting sleeping pills, unfortunately nothing seems to be working. During his most stressed out moments, there are flashes on the screen, which would not be noticed really in a first screening in a theatre, but easier to notice in DVD or VHS copies of the film. These flashes are not the director or editor’s mistakes; they have significant underlying meaning. The flashes are director David Fitchers idea of subliminal messaging. They are images of Brad Pitt before his character Tyler Durden is introduced to the film. The significance of the editing is explained later in the film, when the topic of splicing porn into kids? films is discussed. It is believed that these flashes of Pitt show the significance of when Tyler Durden first starts coming into the mind of Norton.”
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