Figures of Speech

10 October 2016

To inform the reader of the writer’s opinion of football and how it grew into being a globally known sport despite of the “hidden” issues surrounding this sport Tone Ironic, sarcastic, informal, personal opinion, persuasive Vocabulary Use of words such as “boorish, boring, bearish” Words that create a negative tone: “obsessive, intolerant, violence, fanaticism” Figures of speech – “It can flirt with the darker side of the mob” – “Weaving itself into the culture of countries…” – “.. he media to feed off each other has been another ingredient in its survival” – “Gave gone hand in goalkeeper’s glove with each other” – Emphasizing a certain character/attitude: “spoilt-brat millionaire players, cynical club owners” – “.. one of those superbugs that can adapt to any environment” – “Just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s beautiful” – “.. serving up the passions of the crowd as an appetiser” Structure

The writer introduces the topic of football by mentioning the economic advantages of the 2002 World Cup by using the repetition of the word “more”. More viewers, more hype, more television money” these series of words and effective use of commas create an image of overwhelmingness, an effect of a surge of endless growth. The next paragraph starts off with the figurative sentence, “Just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s beautiful. ” The writer’s showing the negative effects of football although it’s a well known sport around the world, it won’t have the same sentimental value or “beauty” because it’s overexposed and overrated. Alliteration is used for the series of words, “boorish, boring, bearish”.

The words create an illusion of similar sounding words of which depicts the atmosphere of football spectators and fans during a football match. The use of words such as “obsessive, intolerant” creates a negative impression on the readers and it somewhat gives away the tone of the entire paragraph. “.. serving up the passions of the crowd as an appetiser” draws up an image of club owners using the fans and viewers to satisfy the cravings of the sponsors which supports the writer’s opinion of football as a business. The use of oxymorons such as “heroes and villains, hope and disaster, skill and skulduggery”

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