12 December 2017

Language development -? this Includes the child’s ability to listen, speak and understand vocabulary.

There are 4 main areas necessary for communication and which can affect school readiness; 1 . Speech – understanding how to pronounce clearly 2. Language – understanding language and using language 3. Fluency – communicating without stammering or repeating 4. Voice – producing sounds The optimum time to acquire language is when a child is 0-5 years old. After this age, the brain struggles to learn these skills.There are a few factors that cause language lays; learning dillydally, poor concentration and attention, family history of delayed language and immature development.

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There are also environmental factors that can be improved by parents and educators such as; Lack of motivation – Are other children speaking for the child? Is the child being treated Like a baby? Is your child allowed to make their own choices? Lack of desire – Is the child ignored or bullied? Is too much expected of the child and so they give up trying?Does the child experience rich language at home? Lack of stimulation – Is the child encouraged to talk about their ideas and thoughts? Is the child given enough positive attention and encouragements? Lack of opportunity – Do parents and careers ask the child questions about their day and engage them in conversation? In addition, emerging literacy skills such as print awareness, story sense and writing process can also affect school readiness. This emergent literacy includes such skills as vocabulary, rhyming ability and Identification of letters.A child’s literacy level when they first enter school Is a good predictor of reading ability during the course of the child’s education. Abuse Children require continual exposure to language to become familiar with it and to earn how to use it. Abused and neglected children who are isolated from other people may never have the opportunity to hear language. As a result, they may not develop adequate language skills. Cognitive Problems understanding and using language properly requires a certain amount of intelligence.

Children with disabilities and disorders which affect their intellectual skills may experience dulcetly developing language skills. Examples of cognitive conditions that can affect language development Include autism, Intellectual disability and learning disabilities. Physical Conditions A child’s physical development and physical problems can influence her rate and extent of language development. For example, children who were born prematurely often have delayed development In areas such as weight gain that do not affect children who were full-term babies.Hearing loss Is another common physical condition that can interfere with a child’s ability to develop language and speech 1 OFF Medical/Behavioral Concerns Medical and behavioral concerns can also impact language development. Speech disorders, such as stuttering, can make children difficult to understand and slow the recess. Some children struggle to understand others’ thoughts and feelings or have difficulty expressing their own, which stems from a language disorder.

Parents of children who experience these difficulties may want to consult a speech-language pathologist. Additionally, a child’s medical history can impact language development. Severe ear infections, for example, can cause temporary hearing loss, which may slow a child’s speech and language development. Family The language of family members affects the language development of the child. How do they communicate with him? How much opportunity the child get to speak, their encouragement, etc. Affects the child’s language development.Children from Joint families learn language faster than children from nuclear family.

The vocabulary of children of Joint families is more than the vocabulary of children of nuclear families. Economic status of the family It has been seen that children from higher in come group have a better language develop meet. They get better environment, better opportunities, better school and teachers, so automatically their language development is good. They speak correctly and they have a rich vocabulary. They make sentences choose inning better words.Social Fear Social experience is paramount in a child’s ability to learn and understand language. When your child doesn’t receive the opportunity to interact with other children and adults, his ability to understand language can suffer.

A child who suffers from anxiety disorders or is especially shy may have trouble when it comes to language development, simply because he doesn’t have the practice. Fostering social opportunities in his life can help him overcome his social fear and engage in language learning opportunities on a daily basis.

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