Filipino Factors That Hinder Financial Success

11 November 2016

Filipino Factors that Hinder Financial Success •Lizard Brain The Lizard Brain is a part of our Paleomammalian brain which seemingly supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction. One of the things that the Lizard Brain controls is our fear. It makes us feel that we are not up to the task; that there is a bigger chance that we do not succeed at the end; that we will end up in failure.

It is very common for Filipinos to be pessimists. We often tell ourselves that we can’t do this, or we can’t do that, without even trying. Our view is dimmed by the sight of failure, and we end up making U-turns and never going back, never going to try. How would success befall on us if we, ourselves, do not even try to get it at the first place? Both Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump believe at the fact that success is the dish cooked up with the necessary ingredient called “Failure”.

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Without failure, how are we able to learn to succeed? Even a person who has not failed miserably in life could not be called successful. Mayhap, even a simple failure will turn that man on his knees and break him. And so, Filipinos need to quiet down their Lizard Brains in order to uphold our talents from the pessimistic point of view. •Ignorance “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise. ” is not particularly applicable in this subject.

There are few schools which have Financial Education as part of their usual curriculum, and, in contrary to that, the majority of schools in the Philippines, whether it may be public or private, have not considered Financial Education, whatsoever, into their own curricula. As a result, the students will have no information or knowledge on how to properly manage the flow of their money or their income in the near future. When they’ll be grown up enough, they would be following the usual advice Filipino parents give their children as the generations come and that is… “Get Good Grades, a Safe Job, and Work There for the Rest of Your Life” We Filipinos have been Employees for life. We choose being in a “safe” job more than to step in on the path of Businessmen and Investors. Being an Employee is like tying yourself in chains in order to not reach Financial Success. We also have a lot of Filipinos going overseas just because the income is bigger in other countries than it is in our own and that it’s harder to look for a job in the Philippines with the current overpopulated state we have delved ourselves in.

The OFW’s focus on saving money and sending them to their families which, in turn, doesn’t give them financial freedom but, instead, makes their families dependant on the money being given to them. They would become so dependent that if the OFW loses their job, they’d render it useless and they would have to suffer certain consequences by being on the line of poverty for a while or for the rest of their life.

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