Film Noir and the Hollywood Ten

4 April 2015
An overview of how the Hollywood Ten and the McCarthy Hearings helped create Film Noir.

This paper helps to explain how Film Noir – stories which symbolize our nightmares and fears – was created by the fears during McCarthyism and the House Committee on Un-American Activities. It also tells of the “Hollywood Ten” who refused to answer questions from the HUAC and how “black-listing” of actors, directors and producers hurt the production industry.
“Hollywood is no stranger to scandals and betrayals. Pick up any tabloid or watch the late-night news and you’ll see great announcements about who has done what and what that might mean for his/her career. But nothing was as controversial or damaging as the conviction of the Hollywood Ten during the McCarthyism era, which helped to propel movie-making into a new genre that would reflect the history and emotions of those who participated in one way or another.

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