Film Review: La Jetee, by Chris Marker, 1962

4 April 2015
This paper shows how Chris Marker replicates the initiation, retrieval and control of memory through the structure of his film, La Jetee.

This paper explores the relationship between film and memory; specifically the method in which Chris Marker has attempted to replicate the initiation, control and retrieval of memory. The process of filmmaking, the structure of Marker’s film, the elements within his film (such as the role of the woman) and the narrative all contribute to convey a sense of the human subconscious and the themes of memory, time and vision.
Through the cinematic style of a photo-roman, Marker explores the relationship and synthesis between memory, time and vision. Film and memory are compatible in style and structure. They both have the ability to reconstruct (or reinvent) reality and to defy the restrictions of space and time. Chris Marker’s La Jetee is a cinematic exploration of the constructs of memory, space and time, and the equivocal structure of the film is resonant of the structure of memory. La Jetee examines the initiation, control and retrieval of memories through its central male protagonist, soundtrack, mise-en-scene, narrative, and filming techniques.

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