Film Studies Small Scale Research Project

1 January 2017

The research project will be based on one focus film, making appropriate reference to at least two other related films. Candidates will define an area of investigation (through an approval process) that relates the chosen focus film to one of the following contexts: • (star/performer • (genre • (technology • (social, historical and/or political context • gender • ethnicity • (institution • (auteur (in its broadest sense

Candidates may not choose as a focus film either a film selected for their FS1 Written Analyses (macro or micro) or one which is identified as a focus or Close Study film in FS3 or FS5. The project will highlight a focused area of investigation and must be approved prior to commencement. Whatever the area of investigation, the research should endeavour to identify what is distinctive about the chosen focus and related films within the chosen context and to demonstrate how this distinctiveness contributes to making meaning – in essence working from text to context.

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In practice, candidates will constantly be interrelating aspects of their chosen film(s) and their research materials. The project will be submitted in three parts: (i) An annotated catalogue of key items of the candidate’s research (approx 500 words) The catalogue will contain approximately 10 to 15 items selected from the candidate’s total primary and secondary research. Each catalogue item should be appropriately referenced and be accompanied by a brief note (around 5 lines), which explains how the particular item is relevant to the area of investigation and assesses the importance of the item to the overall research.

The catalogue must conclude with a short paragraph, which identifies significant items (e. g. between 3 and 5) which were not selected for inclusion in the catalogue, offering reasons why. (ii) A presentation script (1000 – 1500 words) The presentation script must take the form of notes for a presentation and could combine (for example) subheadings, bullet points, short pieces of connected prose and reference to visual extracts to illustrate the presentation.

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