Final Portfolio

1 January 2017

I Preface English has always been one of my worst subjects. I would always second guess myself on the correct writing method and what punctuation to use and when to use it. Taking this English class has allowed me to analyze and reflect on my work. My first essay I received a B grade. An option to revise the paper for a better grade was given. This allowed me to see my errors and correct them for improvement. The second essay was my interpretation of the story “Hills Like White Elephants. Surprisingly there was instant improvement on that assignment.

I had received an A grade without any revision needed. That felt really good to know I had the potential to do better. That was my motivation getting through the semester. The progress in my work does show, except on essay #4. I had written a lot of fragment sentences which brought my A work down to a B paper. Honestly I didn’t really take time on that assignment. It was typed up the night before it was do and that was sloppy on my part. I have combined all the work that I have completed throughout the semester.

Final Portfolio Essay Example

The final exam required the class to produce a individual portfolio. My portfolio contains my thoughts on my free-writing experience, how I chose my Book Reports, how I wrote all six essay assignments, two essays I feel are my finest work, and a letter to Mr. Wahi telling him what grade I think I deserve for this English class.

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