Final Year Project: Project Report

10 October 2016

Review Tutorials 5. Project Profile Document Part 2 Preparation This tutorial will take place in the week beginning 25th February 2013. Check your on-line timetable for details. Before the tutorial, you should prepare and print out a draft copy of Part 2 of your Project Profile Document. This part of the document is all about the context of your project. Think of it as the sort of thing you might use to help you prepare for a job interview to show that you have an awareness of the industries closely related to your project and the professional requirements made on engineers working in them.

It should include: • • For your project: o Environmental and sustainability limitations o Customer and user needs and aesthetics o Cost drivers o Fitness for purpose in terms of production, operation, maintenance and disposal For companies and organisations working in fields relating to your project, (you may choose a single company or organisation, or describe activity in the sector as a whole): o Opportunities and threats faced by the company/sector o The general management techniques used to control quality and ensure that engineering objectives are met The ways in which sustainable development is promoted in the sector o Legal requirements governing engineering activities in the sector o Particular requirements for professional and ethical conduct Peer Review & Feedback 1. 2. 3. Swap your draft section with another member of the class. Using the form provided, prepare a review of the document you have been given to read including some suggestions for changes/improvements. Go through your review with the report’s author and then get feedback on your own report from your reviewer.

Final Year Project: Project Report Essay Example

Write an action plan to update your Project Profile Document Final Year Project Review Tutorials Progress Report 1. 2. Using the form provided, write and hand in a summary of your progress to date. Hand your review and progress report to the tutor, to be scanned and then returned to you. Copies of all documents will be made available to all academic staff. 5. Project Profile Document Part 2 1 Final Year Project Review Tutorials Review – Project Profile Document Part 2 Student ID Student Name Author Reviewer

The following sections should be completed by the reviewer and discussed with the author. Comment on how well you think the student has presented broader design Project context considerations of the project Industry context As a reader, comment on how you think that the author has helped you to understand the economic, social and environmental context of the industries that work in the project’s field Following discussion with the reviewer, the author should write a summary of the changes that will be made in the next draft of this section 5. Project Profile Document Part 2 2

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