Finally Rich by Chief Keef

This album is called Finally Rich by Chief Keef. He calls it Finally Rich because he finally got a record deal and moved out the hood. The album is produced by Young Chop and Chief Keef is signed to Interscop Records. The hit songs on this album include Don’t Like; Hate being sober, 3hunna, Kobe, and Love Sosa.

Finally Rich has 12 songs on there unless you get the deluxe version with 15 songs adding Citgo, Kobe, and Got them Bands. Don’t Like is the song everyone first listen to when they heard about a rapper name Chief Keef. Most likely after you heard this song you fell in love with his music or you just don’t like trap music. After this song blew up worldwide everyone started to like Chief Keef and listen to his music. Love Sosa is one of the biggest songs he has made besides Don’t like, 3hunna, Kobe, or Hate being Sober. Everyone loves that song and the video has over 3 million views on YouTube today. Hate being sober featuring 50 cent and Wiz Khalifa is one of the major songs everyone around the world listens to. It’s a nice catchy song with different flows coming from 50 cent and Wiz Khalifa. Let’s go back into talking about the album. The quality of the music is very nice to me. You wouldn’t like it if you don’t like curse words or talking about money, cars, and clothes. Most of the kids love his music and wouldn’t stop listening to it for the world. The design of the album is nice for his very first album. He has pictures and it turns into a poster. On the inside of the cover album it has a little letter saying who he thanks to the people that got him here. The orders of the songs are nice because his hit songs are spread out and are not in one bunch. The album has very great songs besides the hit songs. Most of the songs on the album became hit songs anyways because the fans loved them so much.

For this album I recommend you to go buy it because if you are into to the stuff he talks about in his music or even if you just like the beat you would love it. The beat usually gets to people because the producer Young Chop makes them and he is talented in making beats. The youth loves this music so I recommend it to ages from 12-30. Most of the people who don’t like this type of music are the older people and say that his music is ignorant and that his music shouldn’t even be called music. I say that they should just stop listen to it if you think is ignorant and don’t comment about it anymore. I really do suggest you on buying the album and listen to it. Another good thing about this album is that all his songs on there are over 3 minutes or 4 minutes. The whole album itself takes 45 minutes and 14 seconds to listen to and I promise it will be worth your time. If you listen to his music it most likely will get you in a good mood and makes you not care about what anyone says about you. It at least makes me feel like that because of the lyrics in his songs. You don’t have to go to Best Buy or Wal-Mart to go get his album. His album is also on iTunes and you can go buy it on there.

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