As reorganization of fixed pay period of service from the initial / 1st appointment / induction into service as clearly mentioned in this Judgment on pages attach for the reference here with the Judgment but this appeal was also not considered favorably and ignored. 3:- Then the honorable Secretary of Education Dept. To Goof. N. W. F. P Appeaser vide his letter No.

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SO(S) 4-30/200 Graded pay dated 23-6-2004 granted graded / running / jugular pay as well as seniority from 27-7-1991 in this letter it is clearly mentioned “that those employees are considered regular from the date from where they have been given graded pay’. According to appellant when he was getting graded pay from 27-7-1991, from this date he was granted seniority, but now the honorable Secretary to the KIP finance Dept. Vide letter No. FED(PRE) 5-2-2002 dated Appeaser the 30-10-2009 in the light of the decision of honorable supreme court of Pakistan as been granted graded / running / regular pay from the date of their first appointment.

With this nothing is left behind relating to Finance Dept. All benefits except Seniority of fixed pay period of service have been solved. According to appellant he is performing his duties for the last 28 years on the same SET (SC) post he has been granted BSP-17 (p) from 1-10-2007 in up gradation case from 8-16 to 8-17 on 23 years service while other colleagues have been granted 8-17 on 10 years arrive and according to the appellant it is totally contrary to Justice.

According to the appellant he is performing spotless duty without any departmental, public charges, adverse remarks, any Judicial cases and poor SC (SC) results, in the light of the above mentioned facts the appellant has been requested to solve his long standing issues favorably on humanitarian bases to liable him to perform his duties more satisfactory than before.

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