10 October 2016

The company has manufactured custom midsize, high-performance yachts for clients over this period, and its products have also recently received the highest award for customer satisfaction. The yacht is manufactured for purchase by a company for business purposes. The custom yacht industry is fragmented, with number of manufacturers. As with any industry, there are market leaders, but the diverse nature of industry ensures that no manufacturer dominates the market.

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The competition is the market, as well as the product cost, ensures that attention to detail is a necessity. For instance, East Coast Yachts will spend 80 to 100 hours on hand-buffing the stainless steel stem-iron, which is the metal cap on the yacht’s bow that conceivably could collide with a dock or another boat. To get Dan started with his analyses, Larissa had provided the following financial statements. Dan had gathered the industry ratios for the yacht manufacturing industry.

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