6 June 2019

My friend and I waited outside for over an hour in the rain. When the doors finally opened, the water-logged crowd rushed to get as close to the stage as possible. Everyone patiently waited for the concert, and finally, the first band, Counterfit, came out. Everyone became bored after four songs and wanted the next band to take the stage.

After another long wait, Recover came surging onto the stage. Recover fired up the crowd; it helped when they refused to play another song until a mosh pit started. Then people began crowd surfing with one fan even climbing a beam and diving into the crowd’s outstretched arms. Recover put on a great show with songs like “My Only Cure” and “Night of the Creeps.” They were a great band to set the scene for the main event.

When Recover’s last member left the stage, Finch’s roadies came out to set the stage and tune the band’s guitars.

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Then, without warning, the lights went off and the time had finally come. The lights burst on like a ball of fire as Finch began their first song. The crowd started jumping all over the place. Finch played a few crowd favorites like “Gray Matter” and “Untitled,” along with songs from their upcoming album.

Unfortunately, the night had to end, and Finch topped off a successful night with “What it is to Burn.” Overall, the concert was amazing and one that I will always remember.

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