Finding Forrester

8 August 2016

The movie Finding Forester takes place in the Bronx this setting is importing in the movie and shows what kind of lifestyle Jamal has, and what he is expected to live up to. It shows that by living in such an area of poor black people not much is going to be going on for him and not much can be done in the area except play basketball with his friends in the court and not much besides that.

There are other settings in the movie like Forester’s apartment as Jamal spends most of his time there and it’s where he writes most of his writing. It’s important here because Jamal can work better in this environment than he can in other places, so he feels more comfortable here and spends most of the movie in this apartment. The basketball could represent the sport itself having a lot of competition and struggles and through the movie basketball causes a lot of conflict with Jamal.

Finding Forrester Essay Example

When he is in the new school internal conflict with his team occurs and another towards the end of the movie when his school life is on the line to stay at Mailor-Callow he missed to two foul shots because they told him if he wins the game the problems with the competition submission piece would go away like it never ever happened. The books represent insulation from the real world. Forester spent his time in his house reading all of his books in his house barely paying attention to what’s going on in the world unless he’s looking outside through is binoculars.

The window represents the window to the outside world and it’s closed for most of the movie to show how closed up Forester is until the end of the movie where it’s kept open. Forester seems to belong to a class of people who do not wish to be involved with how the world is today but he does belong to class of highly intelligent people. He wrote a book and it got published giving him a lot of fame and he was well known for it as all his books were still taken out of the library when Jamal wanted to find one.

It seems that he is a bit higher class as he’s able to afford to let someone go out and pick up the things he needs instead of getting it for himself. Compared to Jamal and his family who may not have all the luxuries or live in a nice apartment building that is a quiet environment in order for him to do work Forester seems to be in a better “class”. Jamal and his family may not live in the best part of the Bronx as the police have to roam around the streets often late at night which shows it’s not a safe place to be.

But they’re all interesting characters with a firm background to describe their personalities throughout the movie and they even manage to develop and grow up more. The levels of authority seem to change among the characters in the movie. It went back and forth mostly due to the fact that with each varying amount of knowledge anyone could claim the control of the relationship but at most times it seemed to be the older adults as they had more of an authority over Jamal’s life mostly an external conflict between everyone else.

At times there could be an internal conflict where Jamal has to decide whether or not to write an apology letter to read in front of everybody and when he should win the game to bypass his actions and going to school to defend himself from plagiarism and possible expulsion. Another moment when he is when he struggles to be a good student outside of class and inside class, he grades show great and remarkable knowledge but class work is lacking because he doesn’t want everyone to know just how smart he is.

Jamal used both basketball and words to win his “power struggle” by essential throwing the game at Madison Square Garden. He could of won and made it easy for himself and lift the problem but that wasn’t what he going to do and let the school “win” against him. He managed to take control of the situation and handle himself. There seems to be many themes in this movie but one that really calls out to me is the theme of mentoring another. Forester sees a lot of potential in Jamal and he knows that Jamal can go very far with his type of writing.

He knows he’s more than a black kid from the Bronx, the fact that his race shouldn’t even determine how well he should be able to do in life shows that the message being sent out that it isn’t where you come from that matters it’s how you use what has been given to you in order to succeed in life. Jamal makes great use of this as he’s able to show the teachers that an ordinary black can do more than play basketball, he can write very well, show himself to be very knowledge about many different topics and that the basketballs skills are nothing more than an added talent to his list of amazing skills.

It seems that the highest point of the movie is when Forester decides to finally go out and stand up for Jamal when he’s at the school being charged for plagiarism. The way he goes out after being in the house for twenty years really show how much of a bond he has formed with Jamal and is now ready to go out and save a friend the way a friend has tried to save him.

When he reaches the school and begins to ready I sensed that it touched everyone emotionally and it went on for a really long time and got the message to everybody, when he revealed to everyone that it was Jamal that wrote the poem and not him I really gave the tears and council a shock when they heard such an inspirational and moving story from a kid who was from the Bronx. The probably realized by then he was more than a black kid from the Bronx who plays basketball and they even carefully placed his paper down as they really valued the fine work.

The song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” seems to bring a closure to the movie as the song peacefully plays as though after Forester has passed away his soul seems to be at rest and the window is open to the world. It shows that he is no longer shut off from the world and is now taking in the new breath of fresh air into him and he’s really at ease. It’s a really nice song that fits in with the end of the movie and adds to the emotion of the end when the movie pans out and shows the view to the basketball court and Jamal is playing basketball with his friend having a great time.

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