Finish Line.

11 November 2018

Every athlete in any race has one target:The Finish Line.The training he goes through is all focused on the finish line.

Life isn’t just a journey but also a race.A race where you have competitors:business,academic,socially,etc.So you are an athlete.When you were born,you were equipped with every thing for the race of life.If you were born dark,you are supposed to run the race like that.But unfortunately,many people drop on the way,or miss the track.

Finish Line. Essay Example

Your talents are your most special weapon in this race.If you have the gift of singing,run the race with the melody.Passing the finishline doesn’t male one a victor.You are a victor if after you pass the finish line,you are ahead of everyone and you are announced the winner.That is when you start jubilating.

Where am I leading you to? Death is the finish line in the race of life.A race that even after you cross the line,many athletes keep joining and running.What could then make you a victor is if in your own set of the race,you were ahead of all the people who were grouped with you.

When you die,would your name still be in this world for decades or your colleagues name would be.If it is your colleagues name,you have lost the race.Think.Picture.

I guess many haven’t been runnming the race well.It is not too late.Start.

But in the midst of it all.don’t get lost.

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