2 February 2018

When you hear that word, what comes to mind? Mistake? Inaccurate? Unacceptable? Many people think believe when something is different, that simply means something is flawed. People do not think difference could just be another way of doing or seeing things. If you do not do or see things in the same way as the majority of society then you are not only different, but you are wrong.

If you look around your classroom or your office at work then you will notice people do not have the tolerance to cope tit people who are “wrong. In the late sass society believed they had an easy way of deal with people who are wrong, or different. Lock them up and throw away the key! They can’t be a burden if they are no longer in the picture of society. Throated Dixie realized that having a mental illness was seen as being different in this time. She knew that it was morally wrong to conceal these mentally ill individuals in prison, sharing a cell with a five-time rapist who saw joy in what he did to his victims. Throated Dixie stood up and stood out about this horrific deed being done.She did not care that these people where ruining the “perfect picture” Americans wanted to portray themselves as as a whole.

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She knew what she believed and also knew she could not go through life and see this injustice being done and not do anything to prevent it. As someone who has first hand seen how the mentally ill are not wrong in their way of being at all, but truly are different in the way that they do not unction and live as the majority of society, I personally applaud Dixie for preventing this tyranny to go on any longer than it, unfortunately, did.I have seen the ways that life can make if difficult to change corruptions being done and cannot fathom how difficult it could have been for Dixie to stand up and say, “This must stop. ” Dixie would be a great person to sit down with and ask the simply hard question, “How? ” “How did you find the courage Miss Dixie? How did you get people to listen and see your ways? ‘ these questions are just the tip of the ice burg of the mountain of questions I would present to Dixie.I would want to know the secret of knowing how she knew that this fight was one she was going to Win and what drove her to be so determined. Her success is one that intrigues me. If it where possible to buy Miss Dixie a cup of coffee and discuss the ins and outs of the movement she started.

Finding out what was at the core of her movement would be the exact purpose of me meeting with her and picking apart her brain, as they say.

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