Fiona Apple – Tidal

6 June 2019

Recently, I purchased Fiona Apple’s “Tidal.” This talented nineteen-year-old’s deep alto voice brings to life ten songs, all written by Fiona Apple herself. The CD begins with the heavy bass of “Sleep to Dream,” then progresses to the soothing piano chords of “Shadowboxer,” and ends with the mellow notes of “Carrion.” Also on this list of ten songs is Fiona’s first smash hit, “Criminal.” Each song has deep and meaningful lyrics which indicate the amount of emotion put into writing it. One such song is “Never is a Promise,” whose painful and expressive strains may even evoke tears from the listener. Her songs talk of many topics, from the bitterness toward a former boyfriend to realizing she has become an adult in “The Child is Gone.”

Fiona Apple’s natural talent shines through her incredible music, as she provides not only vocals but piano as well. I would definitely recommend buying this CD to anyone who enjoys listening to reflective and inspiring music.

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This fresh new artist is a perfect addition to any collection. “Tidal” is one of the few albums in my wide array of music which I listen to over and over again from beginning to end, regardless of what kind of mood I’m in

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